In Humanities, we did a project where we had to write on our own Cuneiform tablets. Mine said that They were very creative. I wrote that because I think that they are very important since they invented a lot of different things. Here a picture of my cuneiform.

Delhi Out and About Reflection

How is this exploreatory helping you in understanding your host country’s historical background, architecture, culture and traditions?

Whenever we have to do an assignment about something that I don’t know, then when I research about new things, I learn new things. It really helps me learn new things. It makes me more informed about my host country.

Express your veiws about the field trips that you have been part if so far?

I like the feild trips because I get to see things and experience them up close. It is really interesting because then I get to understand them more.

Discribe your one exiting memory from class?

I love doing the Kahoots, and I also love going to feildtrips. The partner projects that we did were also nice.

Digital Citezenship

While learning about Digital Citizenship, I learned that, you have to balance the time that you use the iPad, that you shoul be respectful online, site your sources,  and that you should also respect your iPad.×151.jpg

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