As an observer, I have learned that when you are whaching animals, you have to be very quiet. Also when the teacher gives everyone some instructions. For example while we were watching the Chital graze, we had to be very quiet so that we wouldn’t scare away the Chital and the other antilopes.


          If we were playing or messing around then we wouldn’t hear our instructions, and we might get lost. After reflecting on my time in Ranthambore I realised that it is very important to stay quiet and pay attention no matter where you are.

Discrimination and Slavery

          As a social studies learner I have learned about slavery and how some people treat other people with diffrent skin color diffrently than they would their own. For example, we read this book called Iqbal, it was about slavery, here are some of the jots that I took on it.

          There is a diffrent book that we read that’s called January’s Sparow is that was about the time back when the civil war was going on. 
After reflecting on my social studies work, I realise that the discrimination and slavery of people is not right, and someone should do something about it.