As an observer, I have learned that when you are whaching animals, you have to be very quiet. Also when the teacher gives everyone some instructions. For example while we were watching the Chital graze, we had to be very quiet so that we wouldn’t scare away the Chital and the other antilopes.


          If we were playing or messing around then we wouldn’t hear our instructions, and we might get lost. After reflecting on my time in Ranthambore I realised that it is very important to stay quiet and pay attention no matter where you are.

Discrimination and Slavery

          As a social studies learner I have learned about slavery and how some people treat other people with diffrent skin color diffrently than they would their own. For example, we read this book called Iqbal, it was about slavery, here are some of the jots that I took on it.

          There is a diffrent book that we read that’s called January’s Sparow is that was about the time back when the civil war was going on. 
After reflecting on my social studies work, I realise that the discrimination and slavery of people is not right, and someone should do something about it.


          As a person who works with technology every day, I have learned about CARP (contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity), and created an image using it. My parent sent me a picture to make my own infoghaphic. Before we made it though, we saw a slideshow about CARP. Here it is.

          There is also a poster that Ms. Liv made while we were watching the slideshow about CARP. 

After reflecting on my work I realised that I should use CARP in more of my work to make it better.


          As a writer, I have learned that when you end an informal piece, you really have to put  in a lot of things. Like your main idea, and all of the reasons to support it.

          I had this one test where I had to write an essay about a book. This is the ending that I wrote, and that I used.

          Then I had this other example of an informal peice that I wrote, one draft and one final. This photo is the ending to the draft, compare this one to the final piece.

This is the draft.

This is the final piece.

          After reflecting on my writing, I realised that I should write more options of endings, and choose one as my final ending.


          As a scientist, I have learned about variables and how if you change one (or more), the whole experiment also changes. For example, we did an experiment with swingers (pendulums) by changing the variable to get different results. The variable that we changed in the experiment was the length of the strings attached to the pendulum.

          We did another experiment with “boats” (cups). The variable that we changed was the size of the cup, like 3cm, 4cm, or 5cm. We put it in a tub of water, and saw how many passengers (pennies) could fit in it before it sank.

          After reflecting on my work in science, I realised that I would mabey try to write down everything that happened, because I don’t always keep track of what happens.

Reading Log

          As a reader, I have learned that you should alwase keep a log of what books you have read in the past, or are reading right now. It could be important beacouse you might want to recommend a good book to a friend. Or mabey beacouse you had a book challenge, a reading log could be your proof.


           After reflecting on my reading log, I decided that I should probably improve on using my reading log more often, because the last time that I recorded in my reading log was on January 7th 2016.


My Math Goal

          As a mathematician, I have learned how to make math goals.My math goal is that I would like to work on math practice 8 (mp8), which is, I can find and use mathematical patterns to help me solve a problem. I worked on some math problems, and found out that in part of the problem there was a patern that I kept repeating.

          The models were a part that really connected with what the number sentence was really trying to show.


         The part that I saw when it kept repeating was when I made a number sentence.


Note Taking Strategies

          As a reader, I’ve learned that in reading you have to do a lot of jotting, and different styles of note taking. For example, this piece shows when I was reading an article, I chose cause and effect.


          When I was reading a diffrent article, I started using cornel notes.


          For this one I used a time line. 

          After reflecting in my readers notebook I realised that I should mabey improve on going deeper into how I explain my cause and effect,


Introduction to SLC’s

   Dear parents, 

          Thank you so much for coming. For the past week, I have been preparing for our SLC’s (student led conferences) by gathering some work that I have done over the past school year, and then presenting it to you.

          I have had a chance to reflect upon my continuam, and saw that an area of success I am in is that I can respect when my friends have different opinions. My area of growth is in making and setting new goals for my self.

          Today lots of your questions about my school life will be answered. I hope that you will like my work. Let’s get started!

     Love, Nisha