Delhi out and About

In class I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about Delhi, from the projects,to the feild trips. It was a really good experience, I learned from experiencences, and research. 

We did many projects, the first one was about amazing Delhi, where we had to write down facts about Delhi. Another project was all about different things in Delhi, I got the category transportation, and we had to make a Kahoot an out it. We also did a Gandhi project. The last project the we did was to make a flyer about Delhi Haat (of course, we did that project right after we went on our trip to Delhi Haat). 

We also went on many feild trips. Our first field trip got cancelled because of the rain. was to, we also went to Delhi Haat, had a ride on the metro. They were all really good experiences, and I learned many thing on the feild trips. The feild trips were really interesting, there was so many different things to see, it was really interesting, and an amazing experence.

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