Coral Land Reef

   Yesterday, we made our own pencil holders out of play dough, I called mine Coral Land Reef, since it looks like a coral reef, but it’s on land. 

   When we got the pay dough, we stretched it and squished it, while are teacher told us about how  a writer, is like sculptur, and how wrighting, was like a sculpture. So we tried once as a first draft, but we had to mash them up, then we tried again, the same thing happened. Again we tried, and now, I will teach you how to make it.

   First of all if you want to make the Coral Land Reef, you take out two little balls, and keep them seperate. Then, with the rest of your play dough, you try to make a long tube. Once that is done, on the top, try to make five holes. Then, take one of your two balls, and put it in front of your pencil holder so it won’t roll of,. With your other ball try to flatten it out, then stick it at the top of your pencil holder, and then it can also hold erasers!

   Once we were fineshed, we went around and looked at everyone’s, and here’s how mine turned out. I hope you like it!



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