Behind the Rise and Fall of Camp Haven by Nisha

(I hope this picture does not scare you from reading my review…) Illustration by Daniel Zender


Warning: Spoilers ahead


The 5th Wave? It seems like your typical dystopian story. Alien invasion, people team up to fight back, the aliens, called Others, are secretly disguised as humans, infiltrating their ranks, and slowly killing them off one by one. Classic. A main part of this is Camp Haven-the camp where uninfected people are recruited to fight the Others. In the beginning of the story, it flourishes, but in the end, its destroyed.


Camp Haven is where kids are recruited after they are inspected to see if they are infected or not, and after that, are plugged into wonderland, a device that goes through your memories. Then they are moved into different squads which compete with each other to graduate. Once you graduate, you start going on combat missions to kill infected people, everyone who is an “alien”, also called Teds. Even though at first, Camp Haven may seem like an ordinary camp (or at least as ordinary as it can be in this kind of situation), it actually fits the characteristics of… something else.


Something like a cult, a non-religious cult to be exact.


For those of you who don’t know, a cult is a group or movement with a shared commitment to a usually extreme ideology that’s typically embodied in a charismatic leader. The 5th Wave had all of these characteristics and more. It has the leader, the punishments for resistance, and the methods of control.


To start us of, there’s Vosch. He’s the one who set up the camp, it was his idea to fight back and try and kill all the Teds. The camp was where everyone could work together and save their planet from being inhabited by the Others. He’s won over the hearts of most, they all do as he says. In the book it is even shown that he had banners put up that said, ‘WE ARE HUMANITY’ and ‘WE ARE ONE’. He kept up morale, and made everyone happy when they felt down. He also reminded kids that they were all working together for a good cause, probably making them feel better about themselves. He was someone they could trust, and someone they all looked up to.


A characteristic of cults is strict consequences when stepping out of line. Generally, if you think of something differently than what the rest of the cult believes, you are being a traitor. This is usually followed by extreme action on behalf of the cult towards the individual who didn’t follow or comply with the beliefs. This is actually seen many times throughout the book when people ‘go Dorothy’. In Camp Haven, going Dorothy is when you snap after the pressure gets to you, but later on in the book it is revealed that going Dorothy was actually when the recruits realised the truth about Camp Haven.


In the camp, when a recruit named Tank had gone Dorothy, they are taken away to a hospital, but after that, they just disappear, but later on, they learn the truth about where they go. On page 240, it says:

‘We don’t talk about Tank. It’s as if Tank never existed. We have to believe that the system is perfect, and Tank is a flaw in the system.

Then one morning in the P&D hangar, Dumbo motions me over to his table. Dumbo is training to be the squad medic, so he has to dissect designated corpses, usually Teds, to learn about human anatomy. When I come over, he doesn’t say anything, but nods at the body lying in front of him.

It’s Tank.’


They had killed one of their recruits after he realised what was really going on.


Another part of cults is control. The best way for a person to stay in power, is with control. If you can control others, than you can basically do whatever you want. Now, killing of the ones who resist is a good way to gain control, but there are still many other different ways to gain control, like indoctrination, or self-incrimination, even logic like us vs. them.


When they were recruiting kids for Camp Haven, they had only taken the younger kids. Even though they had promised to come back for the rest of the family they never did. It would, of course, be easier to get kids to believe you than and adult. They are also telling all of the kids lies about what they are actually doing, making them feel like they aren’t killing innocent people.


Jim Jones was an American cult leader who used self-incrimination against his cult members. Self-incrimination makes the cult members write down a list of their fears and mistakes, and give it to the cult leader, which can then be used to humiliate them, or even manipulate them. This is very similar to wonderland. As soon as you are connected, all of your memories are saved. Then only certain people have access to it. Vosch has used this strategy on many people, using their memories against them, and using very strong pathos to convince them to join Camp Haven. He uses this on one of the characters, Ben, to convince him to fight against the Others. On page 128 it says, ‘He nods towards Sissy’s locket. “You left her. Earn she needed you, you ran. And you’re still running. Don’t you think that it’s time you stop running and fight for her?”’ He only knew about what happened with his sister because of wonderland, and is using it to convince him to join him in killing all the infected people.


There is a lot of us vs. them logic used. Going back to the banners that Vosch had put up, they send the message that we are humanity, not them. Making them seem in-humane, and deeming it ok to kill them, which is exactly what Vosch wanted them to do.


In the end, the book The 5th Wave is really about the rise and downfall of a cult. From the leader, to rebels, to control. It may not be very clear at first, but you can see that they all match up. This book really helps us to understand how normal cults may really seem. They may seem like normal communities at first, but they have different characteristics that help them to be identified, and then soon after, terminated. Almost like as seen in the book.

The No-Ones by Nisha Srivastava

My room
The room.
The room I sleep in.
The room that was supposed to be mine.
The room that was supposed to be mine before everyone else came.
The room that I now have to share with 2 little boys, and their grandma, well, at least their family has a place to sleep now. At least they have a place to call home, even if it is with another family, even if it is small and cramped, even if there is only one bathroom, one bathroom that everyone on the third floor of the apartment building has to share, even if you get paid barely enough money to pay your rent back to the same guy who is your employer, even if it means that you feel embarrassed when your teacher comes over to your home asking why you have not attended school for the past week, even if it means that your mother and sister have to go to work at the mill since your father died, even though… even though things have gone downhill. Mama says we should march, fight, and sing. For what is right, and all that is rightfully ours. Fight, not by violence, but by voice. Fight. Fight to get a better home. Fight to earn a proper wage, fight to be fair, fight for better working conditions.

Fight for my room.

The Setting Sun
They all work. Many hours a day. At least 12. All the kids stand in one big area, shucking oysters, one after the other. It goes on, and on, and on. One at a time, they start to fill up their first bucket of the day, then their second, then their third, then their fourth… hours go by.
Some of the kids have left, but there is a girl. She is the crying girl. She looks close to tears, but she tries to hide it by tilting her head down and letting her hair fall over her face.
Another hour goes by, and the few kids that were there leave to go home, and then finally, finally she looks up, and walks around the corner to go and get a better look at the sunset, the sunset that she has seen before, the same sunset that she used to look at back at home in Italy, the same sunset that she used to look at with her grandma, the same sunset she has looked at every day for the past three months, the same sunset that she looked up to in the boat on her trip here, with so many people around her squishing her into one spot where she could barely move. This is the same sunset that was always there for her. The same sunset that gave her hope every time she needed it. The sunset that would stay the same no matter what happened, and no matter where she went. The sunset would stay the same forever. The sunset that she always knew would be with her, like a shadow, always there, even when she forgot.

Name of the Boy at Port Royal, South Carolina
He is just like some of the other kids. Just like some of the others, he goes to school and works at the factories before and after school, just like some of the others he is ten years old, just like some of the others, he has been working here for three years.
No one knows his name.
To everyone else, he is just another worker, just another kid, just another student, just another poor person.
No one realises who is behind the scenes. No one knows that he is the one who shucked the oysters. No one knows that day after day, he still comes back to Maggioni Canning Co. in Port Royal, South Carolina—walking around mountains of oyster shells, and shucks five pots of oysters a day, standing up the whole time, shucking one oyster after another. No one takes the time to look at him, to notice him.
They don’t care, because to them, he is just another face, he is just another ignorant kid, he is just another child of an immigrant.
Just another oyster in the bucket.
He walks down the streets alone to the place he calls home. The factory is the only place where anyone notices him.
It might not be that many people, but its still someone. Someone that asked him how his day went, someone that said hi, someone that helped him, someone that understood the way he felt.
Someone that asked his name.
Whenever someone asks, a smile starts to creep up on his face. His eyes brighten up, and look around to see the voice that asked. Then, then he says it, loud and clear for all the world to hear.
His name is Henry.

Nisha Having Family Time

Nisha Having Family Time
This was the perfect winter vacation for Nisha’s family, having some nice quality time with each other, there were definitely smiles on everyone’s face this trip. 

Christmas Moments

Nisha’s family arrived at their hotel on Christmas, Nisha, the youngest child of the family said, “That was the best moment ever! Arriving at a new place on Christmas! I need to do that again!”


Nisha her grandparents and her family were all so happy to go on this trip, they had a perfect time at Kanyakumari a place in South India. They had a week to be together sightseeing, and going to the beach. But most of the time they just decided to stay together and spend some quality time with each other.

Memory Making 

In the last part of their stay they went over to Kerala. They all went to the beach and they made a lot of great memories, they had a great time. After that, and some more sight seeing, they were going to head back home.


After arriving back in New Delhi, they arrived inside of their house at 12:05 AM on January 1, 2017. What better moment than that time to be back home. They got to spend their first moments of 2017 together.

We all can tell that the Srivastava family shure had a good time, and the thing that made it all better was the fact that they had each other to share these special moments, and to bond. “I usually don’t spend that much time with my grandparents, but after this trip, I know them a little better.” Says Nisha. We can tell that nothing is better than spending time with your family.

Me + Orginization

The 2 strengths that I have in orginization are doing my homework, and organising my locker. I think that I am good at organising my homework by alwase checking Google Classroom, and seeing what assignments that I have to do. I am good at organising my locker to because I seperate my notebooks, books, and folders into different categories that I sort by class.

The 2 weaknesses that I have are making sure that I have everything that I need for that class (because I sometimes forget what I need), and also that I have to bring all of the things.

One goal for me in the next 6 weeks is to try to make a check list for what I need to bring.

Delhi out and About

In class I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about Delhi, from the projects,to the feild trips. It was a really good experience, I learned from experiencences, and research. 

We did many projects, the first one was about amazing Delhi, where we had to write down facts about Delhi. Another project was all about different things in Delhi, I got the category transportation, and we had to make a Kahoot an out it. We also did a Gandhi project. The last project the we did was to make a flyer about Delhi Haat (of course, we did that project right after we went on our trip to Delhi Haat). 

We also went on many feild trips. Our first field trip got cancelled because of the rain. was to, we also went to Delhi Haat, had a ride on the metro. They were all really good experiences, and I learned many thing on the feild trips. The feild trips were really interesting, there was so many different things to see, it was really interesting, and an amazing experence.