Nisha Having Family Time

Nisha Having Family Time
This was the perfect winter vacation for Nisha’s family, having some nice quality time with each other, there were definitely smiles on everyone’s face this trip. 

Christmas Moments

Nisha’s family arrived at their hotel on Christmas, Nisha, the youngest child of the family said, “That was the best moment ever! Arriving at a new place on Christmas! I need to do that again!”


Nisha her grandparents and her family were all so happy to go on this trip, they had a perfect time at Kanyakumari a place in South India. They had a week to be together sightseeing, and going to the beach. But most of the time they just decided to stay together and spend some quality time with each other.

Memory Making 

In the last part of their stay they went over to Kerala. They all went to the beach and they made a lot of great memories, they had a great time. After that, and some more sight seeing, they were going to head back home.


After arriving back in New Delhi, they arrived inside of their house at 12:05 AM on January 1, 2017. What better moment than that time to be back home. They got to spend their first moments of 2017 together.

We all can tell that the Srivastava family shure had a good time, and the thing that made it all better was the fact that they had each other to share these special moments, and to bond. “I usually don’t spend that much time with my grandparents, but after this trip, I know them a little better.” Says Nisha. We can tell that nothing is better than spending time with your family.

Me + Orginization

The 2 strengths that I have in orginization are doing my homework, and organising my locker. I think that I am good at organising my homework by alwase checking Google Classroom, and seeing what assignments that I have to do. I am good at organising my locker to because I seperate my notebooks, books, and folders into different categories that I sort by class.

The 2 weaknesses that I have are making sure that I have everything that I need for that class (because I sometimes forget what I need), and also that I have to bring all of the things.

One goal for me in the next 6 weeks is to try to make a check list for what I need to bring.

Delhi out and About

In class I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about Delhi, from the projects,to the feild trips. It was a really good experience, I learned from experiencences, and research. 

We did many projects, the first one was about amazing Delhi, where we had to write down facts about Delhi. Another project was all about different things in Delhi, I got the category transportation, and we had to make a Kahoot an out it. We also did a Gandhi project. The last project the we did was to make a flyer about Delhi Haat (of course, we did that project right after we went on our trip to Delhi Haat). 

We also went on many feild trips. Our first field trip got cancelled because of the rain. was to, we also went to Delhi Haat, had a ride on the metro. They were all really good experiences, and I learned many thing on the feild trips. The feild trips were really interesting, there was so many different things to see, it was really interesting, and an amazing experence.


In Humanities, we did a project where we had to write on our own Cuneiform tablets. Mine said that They were very creative. I wrote that because I think that they are very important since they invented a lot of different things. Here a picture of my cuneiform.

Delhi Out and About Reflection

How is this exploreatory helping you in understanding your host country’s historical background, architecture, culture and traditions?

Whenever we have to do an assignment about something that I don’t know, then when I research about new things, I learn new things. It really helps me learn new things. It makes me more informed about my host country.

Express your veiws about the field trips that you have been part if so far?

I like the feild trips because I get to see things and experience them up close. It is really interesting because then I get to understand them more.

Discribe your one exiting memory from class?

I love doing the Kahoots, and I also love going to feildtrips. The partner projects that we did were also nice.